Simplify the management of your race

We are at the forefront of the Tracking service of your regattas. Receive our devices by courier, distribute them to the sailors and apply them to the buoys.
We’ll take care of everything else. Enjoy live regattas and then always available on our server.

Multiply the visibility of your event and increase security.
Participants, family members and friends, the sponsors will thank you.


Rent Metasail for your regatta!

Accurate Tracking!

One GPS position per second and an accuracy of less than 2 meters guarantee a smooth and reliable tracking for an unlimited number of sailors

Post Regatta Analysis

Take advantage of Metasail's statistics to identify and analyze your mistakes. Discover side by side where you have sailed better and compare data with your opponents. Share information with your coach. Metasail allows you to understand more to grow faster.

NEW: By using the feature that displays color-coded routes for each boat based on their real-time SOG or VMG, you can make real-time and post-race tactical deductions which were previously not possible.

Live Tracking and Automatic race reporting via WhatsApp

Share with everyone the emotion of the event! With MetaSail you can follow the regattas live through any browser even on mobile devices. The number of spectators will grow exponentially!

NEW: Parents and coaches can be informed with an automatic message on WhatsApp about the start of the race, the ranking position, distance in meters, and seconds at the start, at each buoy passage, and at the finish of any selected racer.

Live and Post Regatta Video Streaming

Unique system that automatically display your videos synchronized with Metasail Tracking for live or recorded viewing. It is a revolutionary new tool for spectators, sailors, coaches, race committee and judges

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Live and Post Training Tracking and Video Streaming

• Automatically sync video and workout tracking
• Augmented reality that superimposes the video recording and the instantaneous performances (Speed and VMG) of the framed boat
Real-time telemetry of a single boat or all boats in training at the same time

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6€ per day for each device plus VAT (if applicable) + 600€ plus VAT (if applicable) as a fixed cost for the centralized management of the entire event. In any case, even if there are few boats or the event is short, the total amount for the event cannot be less than 1.000€ plus VAT (if applicable). Shipping costs excluded.

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Exceptionally free for the launch of the service as an experimental phase. Parents and coaches receive automatic WhatsApp updates on the selected racer’s start, ranking, distance (in meters and seconds), buoy passages, and finish during the race.



500€ plus VAT (if applicable) for the entire event, with a maximum of 5 cameramen. The video synchronized with the regatta tracking can be made directly using your own mobile phone. No specific cameras are required.

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Selling price: 360€ each including VAT + 5€ monthly including VAT.
Rental price (long period): 270€ including VAT – 1 year and 170€ including VAT – 6 months


Rental price (few days): 12€ per day including VAT for each METASAIL rented, with a minimum global cost of 600€.
For each Metasail purchased directly on-site, at the selling price (indicated above), the amount paid for renting it during the CLINIC will be deducted.

The listed purchase and rental prices include Metasail Training software with all analyses, training session storage, and related video storage.

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